Healing Jodi ~ Curing diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure \\ Vegan Diet

Jodi Ann Russell is a 34-year-old women that is currently undergoing Dialysis 3 times weekly for end-stage kidney failure, cirrhosis of the liver (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), juvenile diabetes, hypertension, heart issues due to the pulmonary hypertension, she also have limited vision in her left eye due to a blood vessel bursting caused by both the diabetes and essential hypertension. Jodi has began to take her life back in her own hands by transitioning to a healthier diet and overall lifestyle. Visit www.sentientfitness.com to read more about Jodi’s journey.

Going Vegan with NBA forward Wilson Chandler

We got a chance to spend some time with Wilson Chandler of the Denver Nuggets a little while back. We asked him a few questions about how he has transitioned his lifestyle and the different positive and negative affects he was experiencing, especially with him being an NBA athlete. Wilson Chandler recently started adopting a vegan lifestyle prior to the 2016 NBA season. Testimonies from professional athletes such as Wilson Chandler, who perform at a high physical levels on a consistent basis gives proof to the substantial importance and potential of a human being with a plant based diet. This coupled with spiritual practice and goodwill can open the door to abilities and a existence beyond our current understanding.

Human Heart

This video was created to emphasize a simple truth. That truth is that we are one body and one family. Each of us are connected to one another whether we know it or believe it. Our bodies and our lives belong to the planet which means in turn we are responsible for the planet. By caring for the lives and bodies we have been given we are carrying out our responsibility to the planet as well as ourselves.

I am NOT “African” American. I AM American.

An essential part of any strong foundation is accepting and embracing the ground on which it stands. It is essential for our generation to begin to own and embrace that which we truly are and the beauty we have created through expression. We in America are Americans and we’ve defied the racial segregation of our elders, it is time we begin to observe and understand who and what we truly are, not what we’re told we are.